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1. Quality control standards implementation.

Panacea Healthcare Solutions provide expert consultation and recommendations for attaining and maintaining the quality standards in the hospital and healthcare organization along with the planning of the hospital services.

A. Quality Assurance

Panacea Healthcare Solutions ensures the maintenance of a desired level of quality in the healthcare services, especially by means of attention to every stage of the flow in the hospital by process mapping and time-motion analysis.

B. Quality Improvement

Panacea Healthcare Solutions uses systematic approaches to improve the ways care is delivered to patients. The aim is to improve the Processes in the hospital that can be measured, analyzed, improved, and controlled.

C. Quality Control

Panacea Healthcare Solutions provide efficient ways to ascertain the type of quality control indicators according to the healthcare facility and methods for capturing the data related to quality control indicators and timely monitoring and analysis of the trends in the set quality parameters.

D. Continuous Quality Improvement

Panacea Healthcare Solutions acts as a platform for providing various training and implementation programs of Tools and Techniques for CQI which is having the purpose of improving health care by identifying problems, implementing and monitoring corrective action and studying its effectiveness.

2. Accreditation of the Hospitals.

Panacea Healthcare Solutions serves as the best consultancy service by providing efficient and expert professionals and assessors for getting accreditation of the healthcare organizations.

We work on the standards of NABH – entry level and full, JCI, NQAS, and Kayakalp for ensuring the quality standards in the hospital to fulfill the needs of different accreditation bodies.


Our assets include a comprehensive team of professionals from various specialties of hospital administration and healthcare quality who carry out periodic assessments of the hospitals to accurately assess their level of performance in relation to established standards and to implement ways to continuously improve and ensure effective implementation of all the standards of the accreditation bodies.


We work on the 4th edition of the NABH standards and carry out assessments and gap analysis of the healthcare facilities and work for implementation of the NABH standards for entry level and full NABH assessments. Also, we aid in NC closure of the hospitals undergone assessments and provide with innovative and effective solutions for the non-compliances in their hospitals.


Being one of the detailed and advanced accreditation bodies, JCI provides with a huge set of guidelines and standards. Our firm provides professional consultants to help the hospitals regarding the standards and protocols of JCI quality guidelines.



A comparatively new body to provide accreditation to the hospitals particularly the government institutions. We are widening our span by providing consultation to the hospitals striving for NQAS accreditation along with provision of various training and SOPs needed for the implementation of its standards and guidelines.



An initiative by the GOI for upliftment of the sanitation and infection control services of the hospitals. We provide expert sessions for implementing the standards to be followed by the hospitals under Kayakalp programme and act as a guide in case of any non-compliances.

3. Empanelment

Panacea Healthcare Solutions provide platform for attaining empanelment under leading Mediclaim and medical insurance companies. We also work for fulfilling the requirements of the insurance companies for getting the empanelment.

4. Skill Up-Gradation Program

Panacea Healthcare Solutions serves as an excellent stage for upliftment and up-gradation of the clinical and non-clinical skills of the healthcare professionals. Our firm organises multiple skill up-gradation programmes throughout the year in different parts of the country.

5. Operation and Marketing.

The core of hospital management lies in the operations and management of the hospital. Panacea Healthcare Solutions trains the hospital administrators and provide expert solutions for managing the operational aspect of the hospital considering the smooth and interrupted working of the various hospital processes.

6. Medical Equipment Sales & Services

Panacea Healthcare Solutions also helps in purchase, installation, maintenance, calibration and sales of the medical equipment in the hospital. We have a team of reliable vendors and providers of medical equipment and its calibration who carry out all the activities related to equipment in the healthcare facility.

7. Hospital Equipment Planning

Equipment planning is one of the important aspects in a healthcare organisation. Panacea Healthcare Solutions have an expert team of professionals that carry out equipment planning of the hospital and give consultation.

8. Hospital Architecture & Facility Planning

Panacea Healthcare Solutions ventures with professionals in hospital architecture and facility planning and provides a platform for expansion of the hospital infrastructure and expert opinions from our architectures.

9. Hospital utility services

Panacea Healthcare Solutions also provides outsourcing of the utility services in the hospital. Also, we take contracts of kitchen, laundry, security, housekeeping, sanitation and cafeteria services in the hospital

10. Training & Capacity Building

Panacea Healthcare Solutions works for training need assessment in the healthcare organisation and provide capacity building sessions for the hospital employees.

11. Staffing services

Hiring of trained and professional hospital staff is another service that Panacea Healthcare Solutions provide to its customers.

12. Linen Management

Panacea Healthcare Solutions provides you with the best hospital uniforms and linen of great quality and durability.

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